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Below is a copy of the terms of rental of Lotech Media Ltd. Updated 12 July 2023.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

1.1. The “Owner” refers to lotech media ltd, which trades as lotech media.
1.2. The “Hirer” refers to the individual or company renting the equipment on a dry hire basis or as a contracted production service.
2.1. The hire period starts when the equipment leaves the Owner’s possession and ends when it is returned to the Owner.
2.2. No allowances will be made for periods when the equipment is not in use.

3.1. The equipment provided will be as specified.
3.2. The Owner does not guarantee that the equipment or its performance is suitable for the Hirer’s specific requirements.
3.3. The Owner reserves the right to substitute suitable equipment if necessary.
3.4. The Hirer is responsible for using the equipment correctly, even if instructions are provided.
3.5. The Owner is not liable for any delays, accidents, or damages resulting from equipment defects or breakdowns.
3.6. The Hirer must handle the equipment with utmost care.
3.7. The Hirer must obtain explicit consent from the Owner before using the equipment outdoors or in non-permanent facilities.

Proper Use:
4.1. The Hirer agrees to use the equipment only for its intended purpose and within its capacity limits. Any attempts to alter or repair the equipment are prohibited.
4.2. The Hirer must ensure that the equipment is connected to certified electrical sources and protect it from electrical issues or power irregularities.
4.3. The Owner may inspect the equipment at any time to ensure proper usage.
Return of Goods:
5.1. Any equipment not returned by the due date will be charged to the Hirer’s account.
5.2. At the end of the hire, the Hirer must return the equipment in good condition, including all accessories. The Hirer is responsible for cleaning the equipment.

Packing and Containers:
All equipment must be returned in suitable packing provided by the Owner. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

Re-hire of Equipment:
The Hirer must obtain the Owner’s consent before re-hiring or loaning the equipment to a third party.

Damaged or Faulty Equipment:
If the Hirer believes the equipment is faulty, they must notify the Owner immediately. The hire will cease if the Owner confirms the fault.

While the Owner aims to supply the requested equipment, they do not accept responsibility for non- delivery or delays.

Loss or Damage:
10.1. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment from the time it leaves the Owner’s possession until its return.
10.2. In the event of loss or damage, the Hirer agrees to pay either the insurance excess of $2,000 + GST or the actual value of the loss or damage, whichever is lower. The Hirer is liable for full replacement or repair costs if an insurance claim is rejected.

Hire charges are based on collection from the Owner’s warehouse or depot. The Owner may charge freight or delivery fees at their discretion.

12.1. The inclusive charges for the hire are specified in the estimate/quote provided.
12.2. Unless otherwise arranged, all hire charges must be paid in full before delivery or possession of the equipment.
12.3. Additional charges will apply for equipment returned after the due date.

If payment is overdue by more than seven days or if there is a breach of these Terms and Conditions, the Owner reserves the right to terminate the hire and take necessary actions to recover the equipment and all outstanding amounts.

Property Rights:
All equipment remains the property of lotech media ltd. The Hirer must keep the equipment free from any liens or charges.

Owner’s Liabilities:
The Owner is not liable for third-party risks, personal injuries, or consequential damages.

Invoicing and Payment:
16.1. Subject to credit approval, full payment is due within seven days following the invoice date unless otherwise specified in writing.
16.2. The Owner may change credit terms at their discretion.
16.3. Payments will be applied to the oldest debt first, including any interest, costs, or outstanding charges.
16.4. Additional charges will apply for equipment returned after the due date.

Failure to Pay by Due Dates:
If payment is not made by the due dates, the Hirer will be in default, and the Owner may charge interest on overdue payments and recover all costs associated with obtaining payment.

Legal Expense:
The Hirer is responsible for all costs, including legal fees, incurred in retaking possession of the equipment or collecting any sums due.

Event Cancellation:
Cancellation must be provided in writing. Fees will apply based on the notice period before the event or if the event is postponed to a future date.

Covid19 Pandemic (SARS-CoV-2, Novel Coronavirus):
Conditions related to Covid19 apply, and cancellation or postponement fees will be incurred based on the notice period and event changes due to Alert Levels.

Intellectual Property:
The Hirer is solely responsible for any intellectual property used at the event and agrees to indemnify the Owner against any claims related to the use of such intellectual property.

The acceptance of equipment by the Hirer constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the charges stated in the Hire Agreement.

Meal Breaks:
The Hirer must provide meal breaks for onsite crew or provide meals if breaks are not possible. Failure to do so may result in meal costs charged by the Owner.

Rest Breaks:
A minimum 10-hour break is required between shifts for all crew members. Failure to comply will result in additional charges.

In-House Audio Visual Systems:
The Owner is not responsible for the quality or performance of in-house audiovisual systems unless installed by the Owner. The Hirer is solely responsible for the in-house system and agrees to indemnify the Owner.

Labour Charges:
Labour estimates provided are subject to review and revision after the event. Additional charges may apply for labor outside ordinary hours.

Unused Equipment:
Unused equipment may be reviewed and revised for invoicing purposes, reflecting the actual equipment used.

Health and Safety:
The Owner may suspend or cancel services or equipment if the Hirer or venue breaches Health and Safety Policies or any applicable standards.

Air or Sea Travel Cancellations:
The Hirer is responsible for costs incurred due to delayed or canceled air or sea travel. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Owner for any losses caused by travel delays or cancellations.

Road Travel Closures:
The Owner may charge for costs incurred due to road closures. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Owner for any losses caused by road closures.